WHU: Brawler’s Guild – Hunting Rank 3

Arth at Warcraft Hunters Union: Before this installment’s video, I want to discuss a few things I’ve seen:

Burst vs. Healing

MM gives us the best self-heals, which can be useful.  However, many of these fights’ mechanics are either one-shot mechanics where healing is irrelevant, or they’re things like gargantuan melee hits, where our self-heals won’t prolong our deaths for long.  As such, I think our best defense is a good offense – namely, burst.  The hunters I see struggling in Brawler’s Guild are those who can’t dps the boss down quickly.  Some of this is gear and rotation awareness, but a large part of it is just having the right abilities.  The macro I posted in my previous post (Rank 2) is a decent start. . . . Read full article

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