Steevnash: 5.1 Brawler’s Guild Preview – Rank 6 Elite Zen’Shar

Steevnash: Just a small preview of what’s in store for 5.1 with the Brawler’s Guild. I’m REALLY enjoying it, it’s a lot of fun. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the spectating part but that is actually a lot of fun as well since the fights are reasonable fast. There are 8 ranks total with 4 fights each, and 4 other “Bonus Bosses”.

This Elite is Zen’shar. Not a particularly hard encounter as far as just surviving goes, though I did take 1 hit, but what this will test is your ability to DPS while moving and maintaining situational awareness.

Pay attention to Recount to see what numbers are required to defeat this boss, I kill him with about 10 seconds left before enrage. So you really can’t do too much less than I did or he’ll 1 shot you. His enrage comes at 2 Min 5 Seconds into the fight. During AOE phase I was usually between 140k-180k, and settled at about 78k for the entire fight.

I was in full Malevolent Glad gear with 2 pve trinks and Malevolent 470 Bow. So around 480’ish ilvl.


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