The Wild Hunt: Feeding Your Hunter With Way Of The Wok

Mehtomiel at The Wild Hunt: In Halfhill, the food center of Pandaria, we can study with the greatest chefs this new continent has to offer. [Sungshin Ironpaw, Guide to the Ways] offers us six different specialisations – each with their own type of buff food.

While it is a good idea to eventually learn all the specialisations, our food of choice in this expansion is [Sea Mist Rice Noodles] which provides a whopping 300 agility for an hour or until death. This is the last recipe learned from [Anthea Ironpaw, Master of the Wok] and requires 600 Cooking in Way of the Wok. However, in the times of fast leveling cooking can often be left behind and some hunters might even greet Sungshin with a cooking skill of 1. The slog to Zen Master may seem intimidating at first sight but fear not, Sungshin has you covered! . . . Read full article

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