Hunter DPS: Hunter Fetch Macro with AutoLoot

Kheldul at Hunter DPS Dungeoneer: Frostheim has a nice article that has many areas worth considering for hunters leveling up.  I do disagree with many of the points, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth considering.

I want to do maximum damage with the spec, talents, and glyphs that I’m most comfortable with.  I may switch a talent up if I am stopping to heal up, or respec a pet to tank on the fly, but I’m going to plow damage with SV.

I’m also going with the Glyph of Fetch.  I spent a long while trying to get a macro to work smoothly with my play style, that didn’t get hung up in weird ways, and that didn’t require me to turn on auto looting from the general menu.  Here is all that in one macro:

/console autoLootDefault 1
/run if not _Y then UIParent:HookScript("OnUpdate",function() if _Y>0 and GetTime()>=_Y then _Y=0 SetCVar("AutoLootDefault",0) end end)end _Y=GetTime()+5
/cast [@target, exists, dead] Fetch
/cast fetch

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