The Wild Hunt: UI Building – Unitframes

Mehtomiel at The Wild Hunt: My WoW user interface has gone through several stages in the last few years. Previously I called it functional if butt-ugly; now I’m getting closer to functional and good-looking, without drawing my attention away from the game itself.

The first things I changed in the standard WoW UI were player, target and focus unitframes. I found it difficult to glance to the upper left corner to watch my health – or on the first alt, a rogue, her energy level. Monitoring some short buffs was near impossible yet desperately needed as I learned to time Serpent Sting together with cooldowns that would increase the damage. (This practice is now outdated and I can’t say that I miss it one bit.)

For a long time I swore by Pitbull Unit Frames. They are easily the most configurable – but that comes with the obvious cost of time spent figuring out how that configuration maze actually works. Eventually I made a set with the functionality I wanted but I could never for the life of me make them look good. (Note that this is my failing and not a problem with Pitbull.) During T11 I finally gave up and changed to Shadowed Unitframes. . . . read full article

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