Detailed Hunter Pet Flowchart

Razamith has posted a flowchart detailing how to choose a hunter pet on the MMO Champion hunter forum: “Seen a few posts around asking for an updated pet choice flowchart. Consulted with some friends on buff priority and we came up with this. Probably more accurate (ie: complicated) than it needs to be but it covers everything we came up with. Might release a condensed version or rearrange priority if there’s enough interest. Enjoy.  I give full consent to distribute this and future versions of this image unaltered. ”

For discussion related to the flowchart see this thread at MMO-C.

A detail from the flowcart is shown below. You’ll find a full version of the chart in the thread at MMO-C or you can access a copy at WHH by clicking the image below.

Hunter Pet Flowchart Detail. Click for the full chart.

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