Where the Wild Things Are: Bristlespine

Kalliope at Kalliope’s Pantheon of Pets: Welcome to Kun-Lai Summit, home to the fearsome porcupine Bristlespine. Later in the week, we’ll check in with his neighbor Stompy.

Transcription: Hey everyone! Kalliope coming to you from the warm yellow fields of Kun-Lai Summit where I’m keeping an eye on the trickster porcupine Bristlespine.

This sneaky little guy is level 88 and is the only porcupine in the game to use the dark blue skin.

Like all other tamed porcupines, Bristlespine gains two abilities as a hunter pet. The first is paralyzing quill, which enables him to incapacitate enemies in melee range for two seconds. The other is rest, a fun little non-combat ability that lets him take a nap. . . . Read full article

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