Zumio’s MoP Hunter Guides: Stats, Gems, and Enchants

Zumio: After doing some testing I was able to work out what stats we are going to go for in MoP, alongside which gems and enchants would be optimal. I’m releasing it ahead of the expansion so that you all don’t have to sit about at level 90 and do a load of boring research when you could be playing! Some of this stuff might change a little bit but as the expansion is so near, and the pre-patch is only a week away I think it’ll more or less stand fast.

Going to be releasing a few more of these before MoP as there’s a lot of essential knowledge to get through!


http://www.facebook.com/ZumioNET – best way to contact me!

A full list of hunter gems, enchants and scopes can be found at: /2012/05/15/mop-hunter-gems-enchants-and-scopes/


1) Three20 – Need

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