Bloodtooth – Trackable Hunter Pet (Dragon Turtle)

Euphyley at WoW Rare Spawns: Bloodtooth is one of the new trackable hunter pets that we’ll be seeing in Mists of Pandaria. He is a level 87 dragon turtle that can be found patrolling along the shoreline and small islands in the southern part of Krasarang Wilds. (See map below for his exact path.)

In order to find Bloodtooth you will need to find and follow his tracks, which are only visible to hunters. Once you find the “end” of his tracks you will need to use a flare in order to make him visible. (If you are standing inside of the flare, you will aggro him.) I recommend not throwing your flare right in front of the most recent track, but instead  placing it slightly further out. The idea is to get him to walk through it. If placed too close to the most recent track, you will likely miss him. Once Bloodtooth has walked through the flare he will become visible not only to you, but to others as well. At this point you can start taming him, or you can throw a Hunters Mark on him. Hunter’s Mark will allow you, and only you to see where he is. If another hunter applies their Hunter’s Mark he will disappear from your sight when he goes back into stealth. If he is heading into an area filled with hostile mobs, placing Hunter’s Mark on him and following until he is in a safe location to tame may be wise.

Bloodtooth’s tracks are called “Muddy Tracks”, and like other beasts’ tracks they do not stay up indefinitely; the furthest ones behind disappear one by one as new tracks are created. His tracks are quite dark in color and he mostly walks along a fairly light surface, making them one of the easier sets of tracks to find. Be aware – he does patrol through the water quite a bit, so if you’re tracking him and lose sight – don’t forget to check the water! . . . Read full article

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