Zeherah’s Femaledwarf DPS Analyzer: MoP Beta Edition

Zeherah: The Mists of Pandaria public beta version designed for level 90 is now available at beta.femaledwarf.com. The Cataclysm version is still available at www.femaledwarf.com.

Private messages are preferred for bug reports- please accompany any dps discrepancy reports with the name or link of your saved setting so I can test effectively (also specify whether your issue relates to the beta or live version). More general feature discussions can go here.

You can see the frequently asked questions for common questions, version history, planned features, etc. Please be sure to read the known issues list before reporting an issue. Note that it may take a day or two for new patch changes to be reflected- you can check the version history to get details on the most recent updates.

You can also get announcements of the latest changes to the site from Twitter. . . . Read original post

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