How to be Better Without Doing Better.

The Grumpy Elf: Most people look at the basics of playing and doing your role correctly.  To most that is usually a very simple break down.  For a tank, keep aggro and use your cooldowns to make the healers life easier.  For a healer, know which heals to use when to keep everyone alive without blowing through mana and creating a soft enrage timer based on when you run out.  For damage dealers, keep up the pressure with as much DPS as possible without making any aggro issues for the tank or taking damage that is unnecessary.

Quite honestly if each one of the roles can do those things most encounters will be simple enough but there are other little things that separate a good player from a bad one.  To nobody’s surprise, the only people that notice those little things are the good players to begin with.  They notice it because they know those are the things that are the mark of a good player and they do them because they strive to be that good player.

So while you do the best at what your role is, tanking, healing or dealing damage, there are ways to play better without actually getting better at your role.  Yes, doing what you do better is always a good thing, but those little things, those are what separates the players that “do good” and the players that “are good” apart.

So if you are new to the game, or have been playing and would like some tips to help you get better, I offer up some little tips on how you can go from just “doing good” to “being good”.  . . . read full article

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