Scattered Shots: BlizzCon hunter info roundup

Frostheim at WoW InsiderBlizzCon this year was a very hunter Blizzcon indeed, filled with big announcements not just about the game in general but about the direction the hunter class is headed. The biggest news shouted around hunter circles was of course the fact that minimum range is finally being removed from the game.

This was one of the biggest points in the hunter class design feedback threads, and it’s a nice indication that Blizzard is indeed paying attention to what the community has to say. (Either that, or the developers also just thought it needed to go, and it’s a crazy, random happenstance that it coincides with community feedback.)

Join me after the cut as we round up all of the hunter news that came out of BlizzCon, very possibly including some news that you haven’t heard from just following the BlizzCon coverage. We’re going to focus just on the hunter-specific news rather than wider game-related news……….Read Full Article.

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