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If you’re into PvP, recent changes have made PvE gear pretty decent in PvP, and vice-versa. Outside of sockets and set bonuses, you can get a bunch of Honor (or Justice Points, and covert them to Honor at the Justice Trade Good vendors in Orgrimmar and Stormwind) and buy Item Level (ilvl) 476 PvP gear to help fill in any gaps and help you get into the higher rungs of PvE content.


A wise French Bloke once said: the more things change, the more things stay the same.

What was once frowned upon becomes acceptable over time, simply because it makes perfect sense in the bigger context. In this case, after years of hiding the practice away as as not ideal but acceptable in CM responses, in forums and across the net, Blizzard finally came clean. They admitted that what many of us have done for years is, thinking about it, not a bad idea. Yes, you can legitimately cheese your iLevel with PvP gear to gain access to PvE content. We know you’ve indulged in the past, but now we’re saying publicly it’s okay :D

I find myself asking as a result: why did this take so long to ‘officially’ admit?

The problem, once 5.3 hits, at least for people coming to this content fresh at 90, is time. . . . read full article

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