WHU: Great Gear Boosts Haste Value


Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: This is something we talked about on the podcast a couple weeks ago (and maybe touched on even earlier), but my email box tells me that I never actually posted about it, so…

Right now for most hunters, your secondary stat priority is going to be Crit >mastery/haste (an argument can be made on the order of the last two depending on spec and gear).

Semicolon however comma…. for some hunters, haste is first

The effect of many pieces of the new RPPM gear is being felt. This started with our trinkets using Blizzard’s Real Proc Per Minute system, that was designed to give us a random feel of procs, but with some predictability as well. The meaningful part of RPPM for this discussion is that your RPPM proc rate is boosted by haste. Thus more haste means you get more procs per minute, on average.

This gets added to the fact that haste starts to get a bit more valuable anyway at very high gear levels, and the fact that you can get more RPPM effects than just the trinkets, and suddenly at top gear levels haste is looking more attractive than even crit for all specs. . . . read full article

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