Jademcian: Hunter Guide to Heroic Tortos

Jade Tortos heroic

Jademcian at Jade’s Forest: I don’t think it’s any surprise for most people to lean towards survival on Tortos. There are two main strategy options for this fellow, and both involve how the bat spawns are handled – on one hand, you can bring them into melee and AoE them down. Alternatively, you can kite them around the room. Kiting the bats around the room is how we have been doing Tortos.

The video I have is an unfortunate display of my ineptitude. Through it, you are more likely to learn what not to do. So let me cover that quickly: Tortos is a clusterfuck, and if you come in late or you’re still recovering from your terrible/fantastic day, this fight can quickly overwhelm you. Make sure everything is set up and you know what your role is. For me, while we were kiting the bats, I was still primarily a utility function. We are, as our class, set up to be the utility of Tortos. Bat waves will make or break your heroic attempts, so making sure these waves go to the tank is imperative. I was half an hour late for our raid the day of our kill, so the raid spent half an hour trying to do Tortos without any misdirections. I was missed,  to say the least. It becomes very hard to manage the bats towards the end, especially if you are unable to keep up on each spawn of turtles.

So here’s what you need to know: The only difference on heroic is that you need to shoot humming crystals along the walls of the room in order to place a shield on yourself. . . . read full article

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