Hunter T15 BiS Gear List for 5.3

5.3 hunter bis list

Zeherah has implemented the changes slated thus far for 5.3 on the beta version of her Femaledwarf online spreadsheet, and the theory-crafters at Elitist Jerks have been working to establish a best-in-slot gear list for hunters that takes the changes into account. Currently, the hunter BiS list for 5.3 stands as shown below.

Items are the same for all three specs except for bracers and belt. For bracers, the Crit version of the randomly-enchanted Beady Eye Bracers is favored for Survival while the Haste version is favored for Beast Mastery and Marksmanship. For the belt, Links of the Disintegrator with three agility gems is slightly ahead for SV, while Jingling Fetishgirdle is better for BM and MM.

Keep in mind that the best item for a particular slot may vary depending on which other items you currently have equipped, your gems, enchantments, reforging, etc. This list shows the best possible combination as determined using Zeherah’s spreadsheet.

*For those who do not yet have access to Ra-den, I’ve suggested alternatives to Ra-den’s drops.

To view the complete best dps set-ups using Femaledwarf (as of 4/19/13) for all three hunter specs including talents, enchantments, reforging, gems, shot priorities, etc. see the profiles created by Effinhunter:

Effinhunter also created profiles with no Ra-den loot and they are available at:

  • no Ra-den BM
  • no Ra-den SV
  • no Ra-den MM

For further discussion of current BiS gear for hunters see the Best Possible DPS with Zeherah’s Hunter DPS Analyzer ( thread in the Elitist Jerks Hunter Forum, the Quick look at a BiS list thread in the MMO Champion Hunter Forum, and Scattered Shots: Patch 5.2 hunter gear. Check the latest entries for the most up-to-date information.

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