MoP Patch 5.3: PTR Build 16825 Hunter Changes

Heart of Darkness Loading Screen

A new build for MoP Patch 5.2 is being deployed on the PTR servers and a few changes have been datamined for hunters. As always, please remember that datamined material is subject to error and that everything can change before the new patch is deployed live.

  • Focused Aim: Reduces the pushback suffered from damaging attacks while casting Steady Shot and Cobra Shot by 70% [up from 10%].
  • Powershot: You wind up a powerful shot, which deals 800% weapon damage to the target and 400% weapon damage to all enemies in between you and the target. Enemies hit by Powershot are also knocked back. [will now hit moving targets between you and the primary target]

For more information on patch 5.3 build 16825 see Wowhead and MMO-C.


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