Jademcian: Heroic Jin’Rokh

heroic Jinrokh

Jademcian at Jade’s Forest: So here’s the interesting thing about Jin’rokh. I’ve expressed before that I think survival is the best choice for Jin’rokh for similar reasons that it was for Protectors of the Endless (damage buffs). Now, I do believe that I play marksmanship at a slightly better level than I play survival, and definitely acknowledge I have room for improvement as both: but I saw better results in this first kill of Jin’rokh with a much lower ilevel as marksmanship than I did on our latest Jin’rokh as survival. I’m skeptical now and will be doing some tests regarding that, but this isn’t the place. You may see another post from me specifically about Jin’rokh and the specs in the future, however. For those interested, or those who want to tell me how to play SV, here’s a comparebot from this first kill as MM and my latest with a higher gear as SV.

There are very few differences for hunters in the heroic version of this fight. The first and most prominent is Ionization. By now you’ve probably read enough to understand Ionization if you’re doing heroic fights, but let me talk about it two weeks late anyway: As a hunter, you can fully reflect this cast. Prior to ionization going out you can use deterrence, which will completely prevent the debuff from being applied to you. If you miss this, you can still get out of the pool and use deterrence to reduce the 450k damage. Don’t miss reflecting the debuff, though. There’s no reason not to. This means you will need the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera talent.

The second most prominent difference is in the intermission Lightning Storm. Instead of simply dealing AoE damage, you now have to dodge a series of lightning balls (four, to be exact) that spawn radially from Lightning Strikes. . . . read full article

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