Jademcian: Heroic Horridon

heroic horridon

Jademcian at Jade’s Forest: Believe it or not, I considered going Marksman for this fight. I didn’t because I feel this fight very heavily relies on DoTs to be successful. I said DoTs, not AoE – though AoE DoTs are nice too. Before you declare me as crazy, let me explain.

Horridon is, undeniably, an AoE fight. It spawns multiple little and medium adds in waves in addition to the boss that have to be killed by a specific time and hamper the raid by being alive. They need to die. On heroic, this is still true but includes several complications. For example, the first medium add that spawns for each door spawns alone and it’s usually extremely beneficial to have it dead before the next wave of two come. You want to AoE, cleave, etc, but  you also want to sink a considerable amount of single target focus in some areas. If your AoE detracts from your single target, this is hindering that requirement. However, if your AoE applies a DoT, then it is beneficial to apply that single target damage. This is especially true of Horridon himself, as the increasing damage debuff on him makes keeping DoT uptime significantly important. So how do you sink good single target damage into a medium add while also ensuring your uptime on DoTs is good on the boss? Survival AoE, simple. . . . . read full article

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