Hunter DPS: Hunters and Horridon

Kheldul at Hunter DPS Dungeoneer: Here are my hunter tips for on Horridon 10man.  On top are my recommendations.  On the bottom are the deeper issues of the fight that go into why I’m recommending them.


  • Keep your pet on the mobs.  Killing the adds is priority number one and two.
  • BM has pet control issues on this fight.  If you have to go BM, Blink Strike will increase your DPS.  But you will still see range and control issues.  Macro’ng /petattack type commands into everything can help.
  • Go Survival and mow down the adds.  Entrapment is decent as well.  You will be happier and you’ll do much better damage.
  • As SV, take Lynx Rush.  Damage on the boss doesn’t matter much before the doors go down.  Hold on to Lynx Rush until you have mobs to use it on.  Yes, it’s delaying DPS but it’s an important delay.
  • Do not blow CDs off the boss pull.  Never blow DPS cooldowns on the boss until you’re done with the doors.  Blow them on the door mobs once each second wave comes out.

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