Best Hunter Gems in Mists of Pandaria

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: Mists of Pandaria brings us all new hunter gems and a host of familiar gem questions. What are the best gems for a hunter in MoP? Should I put agil gems in every gem slot? Do the best gems change from a beast mastery hunter to a marksman hunter to a survival hunter?

This guide will answer all your WoW hunter gem questions. We’ll lay out the best rare gem and epic gem for each slot, and break it down by BM, MM, and SV. This best hunter gem guide is specifically for optimizing your raid boss dps – these aren’t necessarily the best hunter gems for pvp or soloing (not that you really need to optimize for soloing).

Please remember that the best gem choices for your yellow slot change based not only on your spec, but also with your gear. With these gem recommendations we’re trying to target the best gems for the largest number of hunters playing that spec, but the only way to know for certain whether haste or mastery or crit is best for your hunter is to use a calculator like Zeherah’s spreadsheet or Simcraft. … Read Full Article.

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