WHU: Unfathomable Nerfs

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: So MMO-Champion has datamined a new beta build and in an unfathomable move Blizzard has actually nerfed MM harder, as well as nerfing SV. Here’s what’s happening:

  • Frenzy proc now boosts attack speed by 4% per stack, down from 8%. We already knew about this one.
  • Aimed Shot now does 260% ranged weapon damage, down from 280%. Additional damage reduced by 13%.
  • Chimera Shot now does 200% weapon damage, down from 210%. Additional damage reduced by 14%.
  • Master Marksman proc rate has been reduced to 50%, down from 60%.
  • Wild Quiver was reduced to 80% weapon damage, down from 85%.
  • Explosive Shot damage and scaling have been reduced by 17%.
  • Chimera Froststorm Breath’s damage was reduced slightly.

The truly baffling thing about this is that most of these nerfs are MM targeted, and currently MM is the lowest dps spec in the beta, both at level 85 and at level 90. In fact, some simulations show MM to be one of the lowest specs in the entire game at level 90. . . . Read full article

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