Elitist Jerks Weekly Recap 8/17/12

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Beta Build 15961 8/11/12

In the Mists of Pandaria thread, Rivkah wrote, “Based on the mini-patch today, the only changes are related to focus fire/frenzy, so I didn’t do a full review of the other abilities. I did test and verify that imp sting is still using the old formula so they haven’t fixed that yet, but they’ve indicated they plan to. The focus fire/frenzy change raises the simulated BM dps (in my T14H setup) from 103318.58 to 103983.99, which is a .6% increase.

Nooska replied, “I’ve just written a post on the european MoP forums on FF. To quickly sum up; the buff to FF while making FF nice to press, has the downside of (further) downvaluing haste for BM, and secondarily making AS less interesting of a button to push due to opportunity cost and a very low difference in damage output numbers.”

Looking at it only from a BM perspective, I am of the opinion that:

  • FF is “too powerful” at 40% for a full stack, and devalues haste extremely for BM.
  • TotH procs too much, and would be more fun to use if it procced less, but AS actually hit harder.
  • AS is not a fun shot to move to from CoS due to very little difference in damage, and CoS being so massively hasted before even taking one bit of haste rating.
  • There needs to be a bigger difference between AS and CoS to make AS the obviously right choice when you have the focus for it – the opportunity cost needs to be lessened (damage-wise, 20 focus for AS is fine, CoS provides focus).

O5a added, “According to this Beta Class Balance Analysis – Forums – World of Warcraft , orc racial changed from 5% pet damage to 2%. Zeherah, could you please update your racial dps table. Or at least when this change gets verified.”

Rivkah replied, “I’m going to hold off on updating my site until the patch goes out with this change, as there may be other tweaks as well that come with this one and I’d rather the site reflect the current state of beta. But I did check on my dev site (using the T14H setup), and BM sees a drop of about 1528.98 dps with that change for orcs. For SV the difference is 477.22 dps and for MM it’s 476.86 dps. So that’s still enough to keep orcs in the best or competitive with the best racialwise but now there won’t be such a huge gap.”

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Hunter DPS Analyzer (MoP Edition) 8/11/12

Rivkah started a new thread, Hunter DPS Analyzer (MoP edition)  “This thread is for discussion of the Hunter DPS Analyzer (also known as FemaleDwarf.com). The Mists of Pandaria public beta version designed for level 90 is now available at beta.femaledwarf.com. The Cataclysm version is still available at www.femaledwarf.com.”

Private messages are preferred for bug reports- please accompany any dps discrepancy reports with the name or link of your saved setting so I can test effectively (also specify whether your issue relates to the beta or live version). More general feature discussions can go here.

You can see the frequently asked questions for common questions, version history, planned features, etc. Please be sure to read the known issues list before reporting an issue. Note that it may take a day or two for new patch changes to be reflected- you can check the version history to get details on the most recent updates.

You can also get announcements of the latest changes to the site from Twitter.

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Onyxia 25 Soloed 8/13/12

In the Soloing Old Instances for For and Profit thread, Caribald wrote, “Onyxia 25 down. I didn’t use any add despawning, but I did use a trick that bunches all the whelps up on one spot when phase 2 started. Doing it after that is just messy due to the Onyxian Lair Guards, but it’s very helpful on the first whelp spawn, which has many more whelps.”

I entered Onyxia’s Lair at 7:44:40 and she died at 10:34:47, so almost 3 hours from entering until I killed her. I wiped once because I ran out of bandages, and once because trash respawned and I got one of them into the fight. [...] The kill took 20 minutes and 13 seconds, and I played 7/3/31 Survival with Spirit Bond. Survival is mandatory or your pet will die to whelps because you can’t kill them fast enough. The other healing method is bandages, which can be used when you don’t have aggro on anything in phase 2, and Onyxia either starts a deep breath or flies around the room (the next fireball will be on pet).

VoD: aRRoSC2 – World first hunter solo: CaribaLd vs Onyxia (25 man)
Youtube video: World first hunter solo: CaribaLd vs Onyxia (25 man) – YouTube (with more information about strategy, spec, gear etc.)

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Blood-Queen Lana’thel Soloed 8/13/12

In the Soloing Old Instances for For and Profit thread, Caribald wrote, “The list of pre-cata bosses that are “impossible” for hunters to solo just shrunk from 6 to 5. I found a Death Knight who had soloed Blood-Queen Lana’thel, and what he did was Shadowmeld when she was about to bite, which made her bite the pet instead. Sure thing, the same thing works for us, also with Feign Death.

However, the enrage is SUPER tight. I spent several attempts and went back and respecced to squeeze out a little more dps in order to be able to beat the enrage. Still, I heard her enrage emote go off the exact same time as she died. If I had the heroic MoD bow it would be a lot easier, but still, at 406.7 item level, Blood-Queen Lana’thel must be the most gear dependant encounter so far when it comes to hunter soloing. Since you never get bitten yourself, you never get double damage or lifesteal, so Marksmanship was necessary for the selfhealing. Even if I went survival and got 1 bandage tick off every minute (she has a damaging aura that ticks every 2 seconds), I would die before I could kill her, although one might be able to get her to 20% like that. [...]

Youtube video: World first hunter solo: CaribaLd vs Blood-Queen Lana’thel – YouTube

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