Piercing Shots Bug Fixed and the New Blink Strike

Kellani has done some testing and posted videos that were made after yesterday’s patch. In the first Kellani shows that the Piercing Shots bug has finally been fixed. In the second, the new ability Blink Stike is tested.

Piercing Shots Fixed

Kellani: The long-standing bug that allowed a marksman hunter’s piercing shots DOT to break cc has mostly been fixed. As you can see in this test, the DOT no longer breaks a hunter’s freezing trap or scatter trap. It does still break a monkey pet’s bad manner cc, but at least that is big progress. I’ve been told that mm mastery no longer breaks cc either, and I assume that is the case. Thanks Blizzard!


Blink Strike

Kellani: I performed the test in this video to demonstrate how the 30 yard range on the new hunter Blink Strike ability is determined from the perspective of the hunter, rather than his pet. So your pet will be able to teleport 100 yards away if you are within 30 yards of the target, but he won’t be able to teleport to a rogue who is sprinting away who is only 20 yards from him if the rogue is 40 yards away from you. This doesn’t make much sense to me, and it detracts from the usefulness of the ability. [source]


Visit Kellani’s YouTube Channel: AltairWoW

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