Elitist Jerks Weekly Recap 7/6/12

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Pet Buff/Debuff Chart Part II 6/29/12

In the Mists of Pandaria thread, Nooska commented on the pet buff/debuff chart posted last week, “Thats a nice chart […]. Not being able to bring spell haste makes sense enough for me since we benefit naught from it […]

Garwynn replied, “Also note that the bleed damage debuff and the agi + str buff has been removed. Some other nifty details: Core Hounds still have heroism/bloodlust, Water Striders have water walking and Quilen has combat ress(!)

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Level 75 Talents 6/29/12

In the Mists of Pandaria thread, Esoth wrote, “I didn’t see any benefit from BM mastery on Dire Beast or Murder of Crows, but obviously it does benefit Lynx Rush. It’s worth noting that Lynx Rush can be stacked with Rabid and Bestial Wrath, and I’ve seen both white attacks and focus dumps in between LR attacks. Despite that, Lynx Rush still looks weak compared to the other two in the long term, although it has the best burst damage by far if that ends up being important (probably for PVP and maybe some boss with short burst windows).

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Mists of Pandaria Hunter Module for SimulationCraft 7/3/12

In the SimulationCraft for Hunters thread, Lokrick wrote, “We are gradually bringing the hunter module online. It is still quite incomplete and inaccurate, but will be getting improved over the next month. I have been unable to get the beta working reliably, though, so will have trouble getting measurements to compare against for debugging purposes. I’m interested in all sorts of scenarios, but at least initially, narrow ones will be most helpful. Pets are not yet supported, so all scenarios without pets:

  • BM and SV with just serpent sting and cobra shot
  • normal SV rotation
  • normal BM rotation
  • MM with just serpent sting, steady pairs, and chimera
  • MM normal rotation
  • Something with Kill Shots

Target dummy results are just fine for most information at this point, with information about any ancillary buffs/debuffs (even your own; e.g., including is hunter’s mark up?). We will certainly need precision information on multipliers and the like, but right now I’m looking for major gaps in the conversion from Cata code like “serpent sting should be critting for 2x rather than 1.5x”. Thanks for your patience and help.

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Soloing Sunwell Trash 6/29/12

In the Soloing Old Instances for Fun and Profit thread, japp1egate asked, “I’ve seen a number of folks’ videos on soloing Sunwell Plateau bosses, but I’ve never seen anyone working on the trash. Is the trash in Sunwell too big of a pain in the arse to work through, or do people just really prefer the bosses? Yeah, I understand that bosses are the meat-and-potatoes of any raid instance, but I’d like to know how best to deal with (i.e. eliminate) trash packs, too.

Durendil replied, “Actually, all trash is skippable, except many between bosses 3 and 4 (because they run very fast and ignore feign death). Just send your pet and multi-shot them. For the other trash, they shouldn’t be a problem.”

japp1egate replied, “I know the trash is skippable, but Sunwell trash drops patterns that I’d really like for my leatherworking Hunter, as well as Shivering Felspine. I know, I know – melee weapons are going away in MoP, but that’s not the point. I’ve tried the send-pet-and-multi-them-all approach, but (even with mend rolling at all times) my pet inevitably dies pretty quickly. Is there a particular strategy per-pack that I should be considering? Any particular mobs I should focus on or such?

Caribald replied, “The only mob that does any real damage is the Sunblade Slayer due to its percentage based DoT. For the packs that have that mob you’ll want to either burn it down right away or use Freezing Trap while you kill the rest. If it casts the dot (I believe it’s called Slaying Shot) on you, you need to Intervene – if on your pet, use Shell Shield or Cower. It should never be allowed to cast it more than once per pack and Intervene will be ready for each pull.”

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Soloing Alysrazor Possible for a Hunter? 6/29/12

In the Soloing Old Instances for Fun and Profit thread,  Arcane36 asked, “Recently there has been a few classes that were able to solo Alysrazor. Do you think it is even possible for hunter to somehow solo this encounter?”

Caribald replied, “I remember reaching the conclusion that it can’t be done by hunters, but I don’t remember the details, and I haven’t actually given it a shot… sometimes you will only figure it out after trying. I wouldn’t get my hopes up though :/”

Durendil replied, “I gave Alysrazor a shot (like 3-4 hours of try) and discovered that phase 1 is doable, but I always died during the firestorm (you can use deterrence to make the dot stop stacking, but it still deals a lot of damage). Beside, Alys definitely wasn’t at 66% at the end of the phase (more like 75-80%, even with glyphed aimed shot and good use of rings). The trash before her is also fun

Arcane36 replied, “Maybe in MoP, when we will have aprox. 350k HP, it will be doable. Even damage will be higher, so I think that we just need to wait Durendil: btw have you tried the trick with getting 2 stacks from one ring?

Caribald replied, “I tried her as well and couldn’t survive either after a standard phase. I also got her to about 75% the few tries I did. The trash was a fun challenge though, figuring out how to do it took a while but eventually you learn the mechanics so you can easily do it repeatedly if you wanted. And yeah, I suppose it will be easy in MoP, health pool should be high enough to survive the damage and we might even have enough dps to just kill her before she lands the first time.

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