Steevnash: How-To Tame the Elite Pet Deth’tilac

Vephriel with Deth'tilac


Steevnash: This is a short video for those with interest in the new pets introduced in patch 4.2. Most of them do not have any special ability aside from the one granted to all of the pets from their type. They all have a unique skin though that can only be found on that one mob. They definitely stand out from the other pets and can be fun to tame while we wait for 5.0.

For this particular pet, you’ll kite him through Frost traps while letting him strike your pet with his “Death Strike” ability. Every time it hits and kills anything it will reduce Deth’tilac’s health by 10%. Which is absolutely necessary since he cannot be tamed until he has less than 20% health, and he starts with 77 million!

You’ll want to continue to dps throughout the encounter. If you stop hitting him he’ll gain a stacking speed debuff and become faster. As well as even small breaks in DPS’ing can often lead to him resetting.

Good Luck!


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The beautiful screenshot of Deth’tilac at the top of the page was taken by Vephriel of Vephriel’s Pet Journal.