A Hunter is Born: Starting New Again.

The Grumpy Elf: I decided to roll another hunter because the end of the expansion blues are getting to me.  Of course it will be another hunter but I am going to do things a little different this time around.  I am going to attempt to take my time.

Leveling being as fast as it is this expansion has really ruined the fun of the whole leveling alts thing and I do nothing to help myself really.  I will accept an invite from a level 25 guild, because of the bonuses.  I love the reputation bonus.  I love have group.  The bonuses are more quality of life for the most part.

Depending on if the guild has anything worthwhile in the bank I love being able to carry the guild bank around.  Not to mention, sometimes when you are questing and run out of bag space having the guild bank that you could at least throw some of the stuff people have a use for in is not a bad thing, it is better than just throwing it away.  Boar meat is better there don’t you think? . . . Read full article

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