25-Man Hunter Raid vs Omnotron Defense System

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: The WHU all-hunter raid team hit our first 25-man raid on Saturday. Arth was leading the raid and the first target he picked out was the Omnotron Defense System, and by the end of the night we had the first 25-man all hunter Cataclysm raid kill! You can see a tank-perspective video of this fight here.


The All-Hunter Strategy

In the absence of healer and tank support classes, we had to make use of the whole hunter toolbox. The composition for the raid was:

  • 3 BM tank hunters, with stam gear and turtle pets as tanks to tank the two active Omnotrons
  • 2 Survival hunters to bring the haste buff for the raid. These guys could take Spirit Bond but have the weakest self-healing.
  • 11 Marksmanship hunters with Spirit Bond and Chimera Shot for self-heals.
  • 9 BM dps hunters with Spirit Beasts for additional self-healing.

The hardest part of all hunter raiding is the unavoidable damage. To mitigate this as much as possible every hunter needed to have the Spirit Bond talent for some amount of passive self-healing.. . . Read full article

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