New WoW Boss: Diablo III

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: One of the interesting things about having a WoW blog as popular as the WHU that I’ve noticed is that fluctuations in traffic to the site mirror fluctuations in WoW-interest as a whole. Back in the day, years ago, I could measure the traffic impact of specific articles I wrote: write something super popular and traffic goes up. Good job Frostheim!

Nowadays even the most popular stuff is lost in the haze of background traffic — and that’s a good thing. But a year or two ago I noticed that my traffic level rises and drops were now all reflections of general hunter interest. More hunters on the web searching for hunter info = more traffic. Fewer people looking = less traffic. And the end of an expansion, as I’ve seen before, is a slow time for the WoW blogosphere.

However, I recently was looking at WHU traffic and saw this: . . . Read full article

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