All-Hunter Glory (Now with Cross-Realm Awesomeness)

Arth at Warcraft Hunters Union: The first level 85 all-hunter raid took place and was….well, a good time, and informative.  But we ended up raiding with 10, not 25, and some of our participants were undergeared.  However dedicated and skilled, it’s clear that we’ll need to outgear the content we’re attempting in order to clear bosses with only hunters.  The holiday weekend didn’t help attendance either, so I’m expecting things [to] improve dramatically.

So we’re instituting some changes, the first of which is that cross-realm participants will now be accepted.  This should be great news for many of you, and the fact that we’re tackling dungeons like ICC, Baradin Hold, and BWD means that you won’t have to worry about your weekly DS lockout.

We’re sticking with Saturdays, at the same time.  The next will be Saturday, June 9, at 5pm server time (6pm Central, 7pm Eastern).  Expect to raid for 2-3 hours.  And if you want to pop on early, great.  I’ll make no bones about making decisions based on experience and gear, so I can’t guarantee spots, but if you’re prepared, you’ll probably be in. . . . Read full article

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