T14 Hunter Set and Trueshot Aura Change

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: The latest from the beta includes MMO-Champion datamining the tier 14 hunter gear set, and a change to Trueshot Aura. The latest version of TSA has removed the 5% crit buff from Trueshot Aura, so that it now just provides the 10% AP buff. As a reminder, Trueshot Aura is now a baseline hunter ability that is available to all specs.

At the start of the beta hunters were given the 5% crit buff in addition to 10% AP. As the beta giveth, so too does the beta taketh away and it looks like now we’ll only be bringing the 5% crit buff from our pets. I can’t complain too much about this, though it was nice to bring more to the table and at one point it was looking like the philosophy was to have the pure dps classes bringing more to the buff table than the hybrids. I can only assume that in the big buff picture the 5% crit was overrepresented and hunters were chosen as the place to lose it.

But as long as we have an even shot of topping the charts, I’m not really concerned which buffs we bring — after all, with our pets we can fill just about any hole we need anyway. . . . Read full article

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