How to Solo Sunwell Plateau: Narrated Hunter Guides

Steevnash: Hello Fellow Hunters, uploaded a few videos about soloing Sunwell Plateau for two very desirable bows:

Golden Bow of Quel’Thalas
Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury

As soon as you zone in you can mount and skip all of the trash.  The first boss, Kalecgos, is not solo’able, but he is skippable!  Just mount past him as well.  Three of the bosses are relatively easy.  Two of them are a bit more difficult depending on your gear level.  M’uru and the Eredar Twins might give you a bit of trouble but after a few attempts you’ll get the flow down and get some drops!

Don’t hesitate if you have any questions or suggestions for how the bosses can be killed more effectively. [Read original post]


He is the second boss in SWP, but the first boss that is solo’able. The first boss of the raid and all the trash leading up to Brutallus can be skipped by simply mounting up inside the instance and riding past them, using FD if you get into any trouble and remounting.

Any MM spec is probably fine for this encounter.


This is a video showing how to solo Felmyst, pretty straight forward fight, the only real danger is the Fog of Corruption that you have to keep an eye on. If it hits you you will be MC’d and probably kill your pet which will reset the fight.

Eredar Twins (Grand Warlock Alythess and Lady Sacrolash)

A How-To hunter video for solo’ing the Eredar Twins in Sunwell Plateau. The strat I use is burning down Lady Sacrolash while positioning myself to take as little amount of damage as possible throughout the encounter by avoiding a few key abilities from the Twins.

This boss drops an amazing looking bow in the Golden Bow of Quel’thalas, popular for transmog sets.

The Pet spec I would recommend for this fight would be:!!akahgagdZg!

It includes Intervene which you will need when you’re killing Grand Warlock after Lady has been killed.


The fight is all about balancing out DPS time on the adds, which is only applying dps to the adds when they begin to overwhelm your pet and when you can hit multiple groups of adds with your Multishots.

The MM spec I would recommend for this encounter is:!Ygg!SbkdkWbQhd!j!ZYWf…

The Pet spec I would recommend is:!!akahaZhdag!

Misdirection and Mending Glyphs are required for this Fight.


This is a video for solo’ing Kil’Jaeden for the Legendary Bow, Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury. A pretty easy encounter, much simpler than M’uru or Eredar Twins.

Any MM spec will probably do fine here

The pet Spec I would recommend is:!!akahgagdZg!

There is one ability that Kil’Jaeden has that you will need an Intervene from your pet to cover.


This article is included in the WHH compilation: Hunter Soloing Guides: The Burning Crusade


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