Mushan: Itemization in Mists of Pandaria

Mushan at Mushan, Etc.: Just wanted to mention a very interesting article today by Matt Rossi at WoW Insider, entitled Mists of Pandaria Beta: The evolution of itemization.  Check it out.

The topic of itemization is one of ongoing interest, not only because the article looks at the evolution of itemization throughout the game’s history, but because of the fact that I am (as are many others, I’m sure) somewhat anxiously awaiting the final lists of the gear that will be available at launch.

As these start to take shape over the next couple of months or so, we’ll be able to look at the available gear for our classes and specializations.  We’ll plot out reputation priorities and dungeon / Raid Finder drop goals, crafted items we’d like to acquire, quest chains to make certain to complete, profession switches (if any), wish lists for Valor Point purchases, and so on.  For my hunter, I know I’ll be looking to Frostheim, WoW Hunters Hall, and several other sources for best-in-slot lists, gear rankings for each slot, and other insightful tidbits, as well as doing my own research (and yes, totally salivating over certain pieces) and deciding for myself how to budget playing time and gold as I prepare for raiding. . . . Read full article

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