Transmogrifying the women of DC comics

Anne Stickney at WoW Insider: I love comics. I have a monstrous stash of comics carefully bagged, boarded, boxed and stacked in my closet. It runs in the family — my father collected comics when he was a kid, and he has a particularly painful tale of how he collected Superman from day one. He actually owned Action Comics #1. However, when he left home and joined the military, his mother (bless her heart) decided to throw away all his old comics while cleaning house. Sometimes my dad looks at what that #1 issue sells for today, and he gets a little sick to his stomach.

However, while I do enjoy reading Marvel, I have to say I’m a DC comics girl at heart — much to my father’s dismay. Last time, we looked at ways to transmogrify characters into beloved comic book figures and tried our hand at transmogrifying looks for some of the Avengers. Well this week, it’s the ladies turn. While we can’t get exact replicas of many of the DC comics sets, I’ve tried to put together three looks here that recall some of DC comic’s most heroic and devilish women.


Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

I really like Poison Ivy. Like Catwoman, she’s got a variety of styles and outfits — however, Poison Ivy’s always got a nature theme going. Rather than try to deliberately mush together something that wouldn’t quite work, I decided to go with a really lovely set of green mail that is evocative of leaves and natural things — and a bow that works really well with the whole look.

  • Head You can either keep an eye out for a Captain’s Circlet, which complements the greens of this look nicely, or just turn the helm graphic off altogether if you’d prefer that.
  • Shoulders The shoulders for this look are Lambent Scale Pauldrons, found on mobs in the 25-29 level range, or on your local Auction House.
  • Back No cloak needed, turn that graphic off!
  • Chest The three key pieces to this set are all from leatherworking recipes. For the chest, you’ll want to put together a Green Dragonscale Breastplate.
  • Wrists Bracers will be covered by your gloves, so you don’t need to worry about swapping their look.
  • Hands For gloves, you’ll want a set of Green Dragonscale Gauntlets, also created by leatherworking.
  • Waist For the belt, you can also hit up a leatherworker — the Nerubian Belt complements the colors of the Green Dragonscale set really well.
  • Legs The last piece of crafted gear you’ll want to pick up are the Green Dragonscale Leggings.
  • Feet For boots, keep your eyes peeled for Boots of the Pathfinder. Alternatively, head back to Outland and do the quests for Shadow Labyrinth to get a set of Auchenai Boots.
  • Weapon The bow pictured here is a random green item if you can believe it — the Dutiful Longbow, which drops up in Northrend. Alternatively, if your hunter happens to own a Rhok’delar, you definitely want to use that, since its blooming blossoms and delicate leaves absolutely work with every aspect of this outfit. Plus, it’s Rhok’delar — you should be transmogging that at every opportunity!

. . . Read full article to see Wonder Woman (in plate) and Catwoman (in leather)

This article is included in the WHH Hunter Transmogrification Guide.

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