WHU: Hunter PvP

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: The WHU and PvP have had a pretty rocky relationship over the years. While I do pvp, I just do it for fun and I don’t feel I’m good enough or a strategic enough pvp thinker to write about it intelligently. I haven’t done serious arenas since BC and my battleground strategy is usually something like “Feel my sporebat wrath!! Chaaaaarge pewpewpewpew!!” I often end up topping the charts on damage, kills, and deaths. I tend to unload from a distance, assisting someone, and ccing healers whenever I can. When I’m attacked I use all kinds of abilities that, in the end, don’t seem to do a whole lot to prolong my inevitable death. So I basically raid bgs, rather than pvp them. . . . Read full article

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