Kheldul: Heroic Hagara for Hunters, with Macros

Kheldul at Hunter DPS Dungeoneer: Heroic Hagara presents a lot of good reasons to bring a hunter.  But it does take a lot of work.  As a hunter you can do things right and make the encounter a lot easier.  You can also do things wrong and wipe the raid.

Hunter Duties in the Boss-Tank Phase

In this phase you should be a normal ranged DPS.  You still have to think.  Spread out for better beam coverage.  Coordinate and do a beam dance with another ranged.  Get out at 2 stacks.  You’ll likely pick up 1-3 more as you’re trying to escape.  Get back in immediately when your stacks drop.  If you’re targeted by all the beams, move to minimum range of the boss so others can more easily cover beams targeting you.  If you’re targeted for an Ice Tomb, move to the assigned position for tombs.  This is normally not right behind Hagara.  It is often to the side.  You want melee to easily free you and still dps Hagara.  But Ice Tombs create a line-of-sight block and you don’t want to make healers move 30 yards just to heal the tank. . . . Read full article

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