The Quest: Rhok’delar, Lok’delar and Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina

Laeleiweyn at World of Lae: I’ve been thinking lately of all the great quests and stories that I’ve played through. The ones that stick most to mind are the ones with great in-game events or cut-scenes, nice rewards or the ones that sent you all over the world. There have been two separate events in the community inspiring me to share the tales of some of them. I promise I won’t be singing. :) And I won’t be rhyming or making videos. But I want to try to dig up a couple of quest chains and screenshots so that all of us that did them can remember them with a smile, and those that didn’t experience them can get a look at them too!

Molten Core

Once upon a time a group of heroes and adventurers ventured into Molten Core. They had traveled there to make an end to Ragnaros the Firelord. The group fought their way through all of the bosses. They reached Majordomo Executus, and swiftly finished his guards off, making him submit and retreat to the lair of his master. He left behind the Cache of the Firelord, which contained invaluable treasures, as well as an Ancient Petrified Leaf. The group gave the leaf to the hunter of the group, as a reward for her brave and heroic efforts. (Also, she was the only hunter present.) Soon after they defeated Ragnaros as well, and Azeroth was saved once again. They all portaled to Stormwind, and every citizen participated in celebrating their victories. Allegedly enough Darkbrew Lager to fill up Thondoril River were consumed in Stormwind that night.

The next day, the brave hunter decided to stay in and drink lots of water, while studying the leaf in more detail.

Ancient Petrified Leaf

Binds when picked up
This Item Begins a Quest
Classes: Hunter
Requires Level 60
Item Level 71

“A very large petrified leaf.”


“Aha!” the hunter thought to herself, right clicking the leaf to start the quest.

Quest: The Ancient Leaf

“Find the owner of the Ancient Petrified Leaf. Good luck, hunter; It’s a big world.”

The epidermis of the leaf glows a bright green. The surface is extremely rugose, exposing several veins and wrinkles. If you had to take a guess, you would say this leaf came from something ancient and powerful. Maybe you should find the original owner of this leaf?


“That wasn’t much of a clue…” the hunter said to herself, and opened up Wowhead on her laptop….

. . . Read full article. (It’s an extraordinarily good article!)

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