Mania: MoP New Pet Families

Mania at Mania’s Arcania: I had intended to post something cute about porcupines until I was distracted by silkworms, but the most recent beta build (15689) is so full of amazing hunter pet news that I’m just going to skip all the adorable and go straight to the awesome.

New pet families. Fen Striders. Basilisks. Goats. Quilen. Plus Cranes and Porcupines, which were probable shoe-ins for new pet families.

But in case you missed the important part, let me repeat:

Basilisks. Fen Striders. Goats.


All of them new hunter pet families, all with their own family abilities. Quilen and fen striders (called Water Striders) are exotic families with two family abilities each. Porcupines and Cranes have a cute bonus ability . . . Read full article

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