Zumio: In-Depth Hunter PvP Trapping Guide

Zumio: Been a while since I last made a guide, and decided to start making some more. Guides such as this one will carry through into the new expansion, Mists of Pandaria and you can learn the key skill of efficient and effective trapping by watching this video. There are quite a few basic trapping guides out on YouTube but they don’t really explain what other classes can do to stop your traps – I went into great detail on this in the last part of the video. I hope you find this useful and enjoy it!

I hit 3000 subs this evening. I actually stayed up to see my channel go over it (It’s 4am now). Absolutely amazing, I’m extremely thankful to everyone who has supported me so far, from the larger YouTubers (Braindeadly, Icematikx etc) who have promoted me to the websites that have embedded my videos (Tabana @ WHH) to the individual viewer, YOU. I’m really really happy, never thought I would get anywhere when I began making videos 3 months ago, it was just a simple hobby. Really, thanks!



Scatter Shot

#showtooltip Scatter Shot
/cast [target=focus,exists][harm] Scatter Shot
/cast Roar of Recovery

Ice Trap

#showtooltip Freezing Trap
/cast !Freezing Trap

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