Porcupine is for Fite!

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: When we started being able to tame some of the new pets in the MoP beta, the porcupine quickly became the favorite of many hunters (myself included). Alas we then heard that the porcupine was never meant to be tamable and the fact that we could tame it was an accident due to it originally using the boar model. Hunter Taeliana started a forum post, “Porcupine is for Fite” on the topic:

Just read a forum on petopia that said the silkworms and porcupines that are part of the “boar” family weren’t meant to be tameable pets,  but they forgot to change that part when they got rid of the boar placeholder models.

Please don’t take away my porcupine.  He’s as little as a hyjal bear cub and as ferocious as Garrosh with a hangover.  Every time I see his little spiky body run out of a pack of giant dead mobs he’s tanked for me, I smile.

Ghostcrawler stepped in with some good news:


We decided these animals shouldn’t be boars anymore, but they will be tameable. Silkworms can be worms. Porcupines can be their own family.


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