The Power of Buffs for Survival

The Grumpy Elf: Hunter background.  Standard survival spec, standard ferocity pet spec.  All 397 gear, sporebeard gloves offspec, no spine trinkets and no DW weapon or bow.  Yes, over four months of clears and not a single bow has dropped for either of us hunters. :(

Aspect of the Hawk Only:
27242.19 DPS

Now to look at how all other buffs affect the hunter, no pet buffs are enabled for any of these numbers to make them natural and be able to see the impact of each buff/debuff on its own.

5% Stats Buff (All Paladins / All Druids):
+ 1078.19 = 28320.38 DPS

10% Attack Power (All Paladins / MM Hunter / Blood DK / Enhancement Shaman):
+2110.68 = 29352.68 DPS

5% Critical Strike (Feral Druid / Fury Warrior / Elemental Shaman / Subtlety Rogue):
+1063.82 = 28306.01 DPS

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