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Mastery Stat for Beast Mastery Spec in MoP? 5/8/12

In the Mists of Pandaria thread, Gruck asked, “With the changes to KC and the addition of Beast Cleave, is mastery looking like a better stat for BM now (in MoP that is)?”

Nooska replied, “It’s really too early to tell how stats are going to be valued compared to each other.”

As to the changes to KC, I don’t see them affecting the value of mastery as it is more a quality of life change (in the last iteration I’ve seen) as the current pretty good mastery value assumes that the pet is close enough to use KC anyway. Beast Cleave should benefit from mastery the way it reads, and is most directly comparable to Serpent Spread, and will probably end up doing around the same extra damage per mastery. All in all, I don’t think these 2 abilities do anything really great for mastery as a stat, but they don’t diminish the value of it either.

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Forty Gold Earned per Minute While Soloing Raids 5/10/12

In the Soloing Old Instances for Fun and Profit thread, Caribald wrote, “I streamed for just over 4 hours today of me soloing, I earned 10k gold almost exactly. 40 gold/minute for clearing Malygos, Sunwell, TK, SSC, BWL, BT, Onyxia and VoA. Black Temple took me 56 minutes and 25 seconds from entering BT general chat to killing Illidan, and that’s 2300 gold in pure boss looting, then there’s trash and vendoring.”

I also didn’t take into account various gems, recipes, boes, cloth and 5 elementium ingots. It would also easily be possible to optimize a lot, skipping more trash and not looting terrible mobs (I loot everything I kill, give me aoe loot already dammit).

By the way, the 15k hp mobs in TK on the way to Solarian have been nerfed to only drop around 10 silver. Some time ago they fixed an exploit where you could respawn 30 of those mobs by killing the 2 patrols in Solarian’s room, pulling her, aoeing the trash once it reached your turtle, dismissing pet and feigning death with the elite mob from each pack surviving. You would have 30 dead 15k hp mobs in the middle of the room with at least 1g gold on each. With that fixed, I wonder what made them nerf the gold to 10 silver :/ Especially since they didn’t nerf it in the same round as the respawn fix.

Even longer ago they nerfed the broken slave mobs (forgot their name) in SSC to always drop 1 copper. There were only a few on each platform in the center of the instance, so it was really quite unnecessary in my opinion. I wonder if they will nerf all the mobs come MoP to not get ridiculous gold/minute from soloing, but then they should start on the bosses to be honest.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw that out there to show just how profitable soloing can be. I haven’t don’t MC, Naxx and Ulduar this reset since I was getting tired of soloing so I skipped that for now, but you could probably keep up a similar gold/minute in Naxx. Oh, and keep in mind my 40g/minute also counted travel time, so it wasn’t ~4 hours and 9 minutes of pure killing.

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High Priestess Kilnara Part III 5/5/12

In the Soloing Old Instances for Fun and Profit thread, Tydas wrote, “I made a little .gif animation to explain clearly the first phase of my Kilnara encounter”

  1. Start positions, you can go behind Kilnara with stealth. Then put your turtle (on passive mode ) in the corner to force Kilnara to move the farthest you can push her. Misdirection on your pet with strong threat to be sure to not get the agro.
  2. Kilnara will move to get your turtle in line of sight.
  3. She will stop at her spell’s range (shadow bolt )
  4. From now she will almost be totally unable to have you in line of sight when you’ll be in your final position.
  5. Move your hunter behind Kilnara, not too far, but not too close. You need to have exactly enough room to put your turtle between you and the boss.
  6. Command your turtle to follow you.
  7. Since the turtle is not attacking the boss, the pet will come straight to you.
  8. The turtle should fit perfectly between you and the boss. The boss shouldn’t move if you do that correctly.
  9. You can now move to your principal position
  10. Here you will be able to shoot at all the panthers
  11. Your line of sight allows you to heal and Misdirection on your pet without being target by Kilnara’s rush AND wave.

This is my way to face the first part of Kilnara’s encounter. During the 2nd phase you can hit Kilnara during her shadow bolt casting. Make sure use all your DOTs and to refresh your chimera strike. As you won’t get hit by Kilnara’s rush you won’t need to use Intervention to prevent it and you won’t need a lot of self healing. The 3rd phase is not affected by theses techniques as Kilnara won’t target you anyway.

Edit: I just saw this video posted earlier. […] I just tried it today and it works!

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Mimiron 25 Soloed 5/6/12

In the Soloing Old Instances for Fun and Profit thread, Durendil wrote, “So, I made another world first, and on the second try, too He was pretty easy as long as you have Jeeves and you make no mistake twice in a row in a 30-minutes phase 3. Oh, my estimation is 100-120 mobs on the screenshot

Video here: Durendil vs Mimiron 25 (worldfirst) – YouTube

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