WHU: Teach Your Pet to Fetch!

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: MMO-Champion has datamined a handful of new changes from the MoP beta. None of these are huge, but there is some big fun in the mix:

  • Aspect of the Beast is now a baseline skill, rather than a glyph.
  • Revive Pet now resurrects your pet with full health, instead of 15% health.
  • Fetch: ability that has your pet retrieve loot from a nearby corpse.
  • Rhino, Boar and Hyena special abilities changes to 4% increased physical damage (previous bleed ability has been removed)

First of all, the change to Revive Pet is much appreciated. Nothing is more frustrating than having your pet die in one of the rare fights that has a chance of killing it, then rezzing the pet only to have the first aoe pulse hit before your first Mend Pet tick can hit and the pet dies again. We suffer enough trying to resurrect our pets with a giant deadtime in our dps, it makes sense to give us our pets back at full health (like other pet classes).

The other big fun here is Fetch! . . . Read full article

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