Marksmanship Basics for PvE Hunters in 4.3

Steevnash: This video covers what I believe to be the foundation of learning how to be effective using a Marksmanship spec in raiding in World of Warcraft. There is an incredible amount of information that this video does not cover, it is merely a start for new players, or old players with alt hunters, looking to get a solid base for learning about this tree.

In this video I spend some time on:

Stat Priority
Spec and Glyphs
Rotation/Priority of Abilities
Gems and Enchants



A few notes, after learning what Stats are most important, the least time consuming way of turning that information into something useful is heading to a web site devoted to handling the reforging of stats for you; you’ll simply plug in what stats are important to you and it will do the rest and show you the results so you can reforge your gear accordingly.

In the area of Rotation/Priority of Abilities. I wasn’t able to spend as much time as I wanted on that due to the video getting MUCH longer than I originally anticipated. So I’ll sum up:

Always ensure Hunter’s Mark is on the target either through manually casting it or using Marked for Death to sustain it. To open your rotation start with putting your best abilities on cool down so you can get the maximum amount of uses from them. It would look something like this:

Hunter’s Mark
Rapid fire / Call of the Wild
Serpent Sting
Chimera Shot
Chimera Shot
2x Steady Shot (for Improved Steady Shot buff)
Wait for your initial Rapid Fire’s duration to run out and immediately use Rapid fire again.

After this, Chimera Shot is the most important ability to use followed by:

2x Steady Shot if ISS is about to run out
Aimed Shot or Arcane Shot

As I mention in the video, if you’re under the effects of a substantial haste effect and your Aimed shot is less than 1.8 seconds, use it. For the remainder of the time use Arcane Shot as way to use extra Focus before you reach the cap.

Additional Links for useful information:

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