WHU: Ghostcrawler on MoP Hunters

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: Ghostcrawler made another forum appearance to discuss hunters and respond to some beta concerns:

A few points on hunters, gathered from several threads:

We don’t want for dots just to ignore crowd control. It’s a test of skill for players to decide when to dot and when to CC. However, that’s not a fair requirement for attacks that you can’t prevent, such as Piercing Shots and MM mastery. Those probably do need to pause or do no damage to CC’d targets.

We’re still tweaking focus regen. It does feel a little slow right now.

Stampede needs to appear at the target or you lose too much of the brief duration with the pets moving to the target. It also needs to have a long cooldown and short duration, because it’s an awful lot of DPS to have so many pets out. The alternative would be that the extra pets do a lot less damage each, but we didn’t feel like that really delivered on the fantasy of “opening the stable.”

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