Mushan: Back to Naxxramas

Mushan at Mushan, Etc.: Last Saturday, I made my way back to Naxxramas with a couple of goals: Thaddius-10 and Sapphiron 25.

With Patchwerk basically on farm and Grobbulus a pushover, I used the Gluth bug (Snake Trap + dismiss pet + FD = no more zombies) to turn him into a high-health trash mob.  That was a first try success, as it should have been. Once he was down, I jumped right into the Thaddius fight with no real plan, other than the knowledge that I had to try to kill Feugen and Stalagg somewhat close to the same time.  I basically brute forced that part, healing through the charge damage.  Then I made the jump, set to work on Thaddius, and soon he was down for the count.

After this, I decided to try Sapphiron-25, since Sapph-10 is so easy.  Sapphiron-25 – now that was a challenge!

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[For more information on soloing in Naxxramus see Hunter Solo Guides: Naxxramus]

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