Ghostcrawler on Hunter Ranged Weapon Stats

In the Mists of Pandaria Beta Classes forum, Diranux asked, “Hunter Ranged Weapons… When will they gain the stats we lost from the 2-handed weapons?” Read original post

Later in the thread, Ghostcrawler replied, “There are two issues here getting muddled together.”

Ranged weapons will have the stat budgets of two-handed weapons. You can treat them as two-handed weapons in most respects. That work hasn’t been done yet.

Ranged weapons are not going to be compensated for the loss of stats from no longer having a melee weapon equipped simultaneously. This is because all ranged-weapon slot type things have gone away, so everyone is affected evenly. However, we also want your damage when you log in for the first time to be about the same as it is now, so overall your damage will be compensated in a sense.

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