Scattered Shots: Dire Beast vs. A Murder of Crows

Frostheim at WoW Insider: One of the goals in Blizzard’s revamp of the talent system was to take away “right” choices — the kind of decisions in which we could calculate a mathematical correct choice — and instead let us actually make a decision about what talent to choose for any given tier. For many of our hunter tiers, this more or less worked out, often resulting in one clear PvP talent and a choice between two PvE talents that are both potentially useful in the right circumstances.

But then we also have talent tiers like the level 75 choice, where every ability is providing us with some kind of DPS cooldown. No doubt we needed some DPS-boosting talents, but once those are in the mix, we are going to be able to calculate a right choice — or at least a right choice for any given situation.

This bring us to Dire Beast vs. A Murder of Crows. I’ve done a lot of in-game testing both to measure the benefit of the abilities as well as to determine how they work and scale. And at this point in the beta, it’s already looking like we have a winner. . . . Read full article

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