How-To Hunter Solo High Priestess Kilnara for the Swift Zulian Panther Mount

Hunter Soloing: Narrated video guide to soloing High Priestess Kilnara for the Swift Zulian Panther Mount

Steevnash: A How-To on solo’ing High Priestess Kilnara in the Cataclysm Heroic, Zul’gurub. Fight is broken into 2 phases, the first testing your Hunter abilities of keeping your pet alive while rolling MD‘s and burning down many adds, all the while surviving through her constant onslaught of damage. The 2nd phase is a DPS burn phase, requiring even more attention in sustaining the life of your pet for as long as you can.

Hunter and Pet Specs

MM is the only build that will be able to do this fight, you can see the build I used here:

Hunter Soloing Spec for High Priestess Kilnara


I used a specific pet build for this boss. Most, if not all, of those talents are mandatory to keep your pet alive while increasing your own personal dps as much as you can for the burn phase. Thunderstomp is more of a hindrance on this fight for its likelihood of hitting sleeping adds and agro’ing them, often leading to a Pounce.

If you have 425 Archaeology that will help significantly in the burn phase, do not forget to grab the quest at the start of the instance. Sadly I can not bring myself to level it yet, it’s just too boring.

Pet Spec for Soloing HP Kilnara


There is a lot going on in this fight, please don’t hesitate to ask a question if something was not adequately covered in the video.

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