Call Beast MoP Beta Hunter

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: This WoW video shows the new Mists of Pandaria talent Call Beast in action, as well as describing exactly how the ability works and how it scales with hunter stats.

Call Beast is one of the new level 75 hunter talents available in MoP. One of three different beasts appear — a large bug, a white tiger, or an orange tiger — but all are mechanically identical. The beast acts like a hunter pet in Assist stance, and if the hunter is actively attacking the beast will attack a total of 6 times during the ability, and restore 12 focus to the hunter.

The beast can be targeted and killed, and has health equal to 20% of the hunter health. The beast summoned by Call Beast does base damage plus 41.7% of hunter RAP, and appears to inherit 100% crit, hit, and expertise from the hunter. The beast is not affected by hunter haste.

Overall Call Beast does around 1/3 the damage of A Murder of Crows, but can be used twice as often, and restores 12 focus, and has no focus cost. Right now at level 85 in the MoP beta, Call Beast looks a bit worse than A Murder of Crows, but we don’t know for certain until we see how the numbers look at level 90.

As always in the MoP beta — and in WoW in general — everything is subject to change at any time.

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